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SHOWDOWN - The twenty-year odyssey about a $50,000,000 lawsuit, a gun, and a teenager's victory over a corrupt gun manufacturer.

Mike Harkins will release his book, SHOWDOWN, on August 12, 2014, the ten-year anniversary of the bankrupcty auction that captivated much of the world in 2004. A film based on the book is currently in development, co-written by Harkins and producer Lorraine Evanoff, who will also serve as executive producers.

Brandon Maxfield was seven years-old when he was accidentally shot and paralyzed. Ten years after the accident, Brandon and his attorney, Richard Ruggieri, took down one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of poorly made, dangerous handguns. The roots of this story include a family tragedy; an attorney who triumphed despite every deceptive, fraudulent impediment placed before him by a corrupt manufacturer with a record of poorly designed guns, fraudulent business practices and money laundering; and a glimpse of America's continuing, divisive response to guns and responsibility. The story culminates at a bankruptcy auction unlike anything in modern legal history, riveting enough to be followed and featured by news and media outlets in nine countries.

SHOWDOWN will be released initially as an ebook, with a print edition to follow, and an enhanced ebook with documentary footage from the days leading up to the auction itself, captured by documentary film maker Barry Schienberg, will be available late-2014. Check back for new information about the feature film development.

All of us -- Mike Harkins, Barry Schienberg, and Lorraine Evanoff -- deeply appreciate the support of our family, friends, and supporters who have followed and encouraged us, and are honored that Brandon and his family are allowing us to bring this story to page and screen.

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